Accessibility Statement


This website was built with maximum consideration and understanding that every citizen who needs its services will have the opportunity to receive the service under the conditions adapted to him. The website is accessible as much as possible and supports advanced tools that help the consumption of the content for those with disabilities and, among other things, is optimally adapted to a wide variety of mobile devices and touch screens. For questions, inquiries or clarifications, you can contact Shahar Sabag and Ori Perez, at 077-8066-229

If you require an alternative means of communication to the phone, you can contact in writing by email:

This website is powered by accessibility software powered by a dedicated accessibility service. The accessibility plugin helps, among other things, in performing the following actions:

•  Changing the font size (increasing and decreasing)

•  Highlight links

•  Inverting colors and contrast

•  Tone changes for images

•  Stop animations


How accessibility works on the website:

An accessibility menu is posted on the website. Clicking on the menu allows opening the accessibility buttons. After selecting a topic in the menu, wait for the page to load. For details about the site's accessibility, you can click on the accessibility button.


Disclaimer and clarification

Despite our efforts to enable browsing on the website accessible for all website pages, it is possible that pages on the website may be discovered that have not yet been accessed and/or do not comply with such other accessibility requirements, or that the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found. We continue our efforts to improve the site's accessibility, as much as possible, and this out of faith and moral obligation to allow the use of the site for the entire population, including people with disabilities. If a fault related to this topic is found - we will be happy to contact you via the contact methods below.


Ways of contact

If you have questions, requests, suggestions for improvement, we will be happy to receive your request and help through:


Phone: 077-8066-229

Shahar Sabag and Ori Perez, site operators.


Accessibility at the company office

The company's offices are located in a legally accessible building for people with disabilities.


Updated on: May 25, 2024

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